Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The Carnival of Math, hosted by me!

 Howdy, welcome to the Carnival of Mathematics 

For all the previous Carnival sites, please go to HERE, Carnival of Mathematics Home.

First, I currently live in Texas, about 3.5 hours east of Uvalde.  As Jose Vilson blogged, "It's OK to not have the words."

It was a slow month for the carnival, for whatever reason(s).  But that is okay, there are some interesting sites in any event.

First, Micro Visual Proofs put a neat video on their youtube channel about six different Sierpinski Triangle Constructions.  Sierpinski Triangles

Next, a nice post about Benfords law, and some applications.  The nice part is the post has a simulator, and discusses Benfords law in different bases.  Thanks to Jason Ross for the post.  Benfords Law Blog

Jay's Blog had a nice post (in a series) about hypothesis testing.  The posts are a little long, as Jay gets into some technical details, so a heads up if you were wanting a quick read.

If you (or like me, your kids) have an Occulus, you might be interested in Robert Kaplinsky's post about an experience learning math in the metaverse.  If nothing else, it caused me to reflect upon how I do things in the classroom.

David Bressoud has done a lot of work on the precalculus through calculus sequence in colleges and universities across the USA, both while president of the MAA and afterwards.  He and the MAA just released a big report about it, and the introduction is linked to from this tweet:    David on Twitter

Finally for this month, if you have heard about the "ungrading" or different grading methods (like specs, or standards based, etc.) David Clark and Robert Talbert are writing a lot of blog posts about it while they finish a book over the topic.  There are some nice suggestions and links about how to start HERE, and an interesting twitter discussion they had HERE, when they asked for feedback and common objections.    The tweet contains another thread.  Both are worth reading through.

As we start summer, please take care, find some rest, and keep working!

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