Tuesday, November 15, 2016

AMATYC 2016 - Denver - Memo Talk

This is the post that goes with my talk at AMATYC about having your Calculus Students write memos.  The slide deck is below, but you can also get a good sense of the talk here.  I pair up my students, then have them write 5-6 one page memos during the semester.  You can see the ground rules, form they have to put the memo in, and examples of the memo questions for Calculus I here.

The rules and examples for Calculus II are here.  For both classes, the idea of writing to communicate, with a hard word limit, is new, and also a little rough at first.  However, since I also do projects, I have found that starting with memos works well, as it gives me and the students a chance to set expectations for their writing before they start working on the big projects.

In my opinion, this has gone really well.  So well in fact, that I will be expanding on the memos in the upcoming semesters.  Watch this space as I try to blog about how well it will go this spring in my Calculus II classes.


(Slides will be posted in about a week after the conference!)

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