Monday, January 4, 2016

Joint Math 2016 talk on alternative assessment

This Thursday afternoon, 1:40 - 1:55 in Room 608,  session 1116-A5-1038, I will be presenting on the idea of having students write memos as an assessment.  It was something I did this past fall with my Calculus I students.
The basic idea was to have my students form groups and then as a group write a memo under some rules to answer a more conceptual question.  The rules were the students could use as many pictures as they wanted, but at most 200 words to answer the question.  It was an interesting activity.  I learned several things about my students.  One of the biggest that I learned was that they really do not understand the density of the real numbers, and what what a continuous function really is.  That has changed some things that I will do for the next time I teach Calculus I.
The presentation slides are below, as are the copies of the six different memo question sets that I
used during the semester.  I plan on doing memo questions this semester in Calculus II.  Hence I plan on doing a few posts this coming spring over how that is going with my two sections.

Memo Question set 1
Memo Question set 2
Memo Question set 3
Memo Question set 4
Memo Question set 5
Memo Question set 6
The slides are here: